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“Adrienne did a spectacular job planning our wedding on Elihu Island. From preliminary conversations regarding the venue, through the day of the event, Adrienne went above and beyond, taking care of all details of wedding planning. Adrienne planned and orchestrated all of the wedding events so that we could relax and fully enjoy the weekend. Adrienne was extremely professional to work with, quickly responding to emails and proactively managing the wedding planning process. Adrienne was extremely generous with her time, and did everything from interfacing with vendors, helping us to come up with our vision for the wedding, and putting it all together on the day of. Adrienne’s experience was so helpful in navigating the various challenges of planning a wedding. I can not speak highly enough of Adrienne’s services. She made planning our wedding a truly enjoyable experience, and we couldn’t have done it without her. I can’t recommend Adrienne highly enough for future brides!!!”

- Margy bride

Ariel + Thomas - Ali + Julie

photo: Ali + Julie

“Adrienne is a fantastic wedding planner. She planned my sister’s wedding two years before and it went off without a hitch, so we knew exactly where to turn for ours. She goes above and beyond, has a ton of experience, and is incredibly detail-oriented. This was her first wedding at our venue and the first time using most of our vendors, yet she was able to foster relationships with everyone to ensure a smooth process. On the day of the wedding she was perfectly calm, and everything went exactly as planned. We could not have been happier with Ruffles & Tweed and would highly recommend.”

- Ariel bride

“We’ve dashed off so many emails to you over the course of the year, but this one is hard to write because it is the last one — and yet I feel as if you are so much a part of our family, even knowing exactly how each of us thinks.

We are ever so grateful; we enjoyed the year of planning enormously; and we greatly admire your talent and your style. There are so many details that you executed beautifully — from the decor for the Pig Roast dinner to the hanging of the escort cards and poems to somehow getting the after party set up, keeping the buses on schedule and getting everything packed in the garage at the end. So many people — Annmarie and Michael in particular — made a point of telling us how terrific they thought you were. Now isn’t that unusual and very nice. A testament to your wonderful working style, which comes so naturally to you, but never ceases to amaze us.

With great pleasure, we will see your face and hear your voice when we think back on all the parts that went into the glorious day.”

- Kathy and Kris parents of the bride

Regina + Jon - Ciro Photography

photo: Ciro Photography

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about Adrienne from Ruffles & Tweed. Adrienne is a very unique person. She is so professional, creative, fun, easy to work with and sweet. At the same time, she is a fierce advocate for her couple, is extremely detail-oriented and has excellent taste. We may be biased, but we thought our wedding was absolutely spectacular. Adrienne really delivered in creating our dream, rustic, Hudson Valley wedding. She thought of incredible details that would never have occurred to us (including making giant and beautiful dream catchers to help decorate our venue). Adrienne also connected us with incredible vendors and did an excellent job coordinating with all of them on the big day. So many people told us that it was the best wedding that they have ever attended and that they were absolutely wowed both with the overall experience and the thoughtful details. Finally, we are a type A couple predisposed to wedding stress. Despite a temperamental weather day, and the expected anxiety of showing 200+ people a good time, we were both calm and absolutely elated on our wedding day because Adrienne had thought of everything. We are so grateful and would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

- Regina bride

“Adrienne is so great at what she does! My husband and I were planning a Hudson Valley wedding from the west coast for ~100 guests in under 5 months. I was initially skeptical we’d need a planner, but my husband pushed for it, and I am so happy he did.

We spoke to Adrienne after contacting 3 other planners who all seemed to only offer “packages” despite our short timeline situation and having done most of the vendor procurement ourselves. After listening to what we needed and envisioned, she responded with a custom proposal that not only addressed our unique needs but filled in gaps we overlooked. She was wonderfully professional and pleasant to work with, while being very communicative and accessible over both email and phone. And her design ideas were beautiful – we’re still receiving compliments from guests one month after our big day! On our wedding day, she was a calming presence and definitely had everything running smoothly. Definitely glad we got a planner involved, and feeling lucky that we struck gold with Adrienne.”

- Chrissy bride

Catherine + Carlo - Belathee Photography

photo: Belathee Photography

“Just fabulous. I found Adrienne about a month before my wedding, when I realized that even though it was a super small affair, I needed some help on the day-of. I contacted and spoke to quite a few other planners too. Adrienne stood out because she made me a priority from the very beginning. She answered the phone when I called, took the time to let me talk her through the plan so far. She asked really good questions that I hadn’t even thought about. She then sent me a COMPLETELY customized proposal based on what I had told her. I really appreciated this, because my wedding was so small and family-oriented that there were a lot of planning services that we didn’t really need. Other planners while well intentioned didn’t take the time up front to understand my wedding, which resulted in them sending me stock packages that were completely overboard for our wedding.

Feeling confident that we were on the same page, I commissioned Adrienne and she did a super job. Totally approachable and kind, knowledgeable and flexible… there is really nothing that I would change about the whole experience.”

- Catherine bride

“Adrienne and her team at Ruffles & Tweed were so wonderful in making our day a success. I was so cagey about hiring a planner for something so personal but Adrienne really treated our event as if it were her own. I don’t think she ever said “no” once but was always really flexible and approached everything with an amazing attitude and spirit. My husband and I were so touched when she would tell us to not worry about a specific item or task; that it was her job to handle it even before we had to ask.

We approached R&T very close to our wedding date but they really took the ball and ran with it. Adrienne’s sweetness, approachability and responsiveness put us at ease during what would have been an even more stressful time. She is the consummate professional and I would recommend her to any bride; they would be lucky to have her.”

- Teresa bride

“She is fabulous: incredibly well informed, professional, helpful, flexible, communicative, unflappable, nice, and easy to work with. Her answer is most often, ‘yes, we can make that work.'”

- Cynthia mother of the bride

Amelia + Carlos - Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography

photo: Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography

“My now husband and I were planning our wedding from across the country! My introduction to Adrienne was by chance but it proved to be the most amazing. I plan events for a living and knew that for my wedding day I’d want to have someone I completely trusted and had full faith in to take over!! Adrienne surpassed any expectation I could have had!! Her demeanor is perfect, her taste impeccable and I recommend her with all of my heart!”

- Amelia bride

Emily + Julian - Jason Walz Photography

photo: Jason Walz Photography

“Adrienne was the perfect wedding planner. She created my dream wedding in 6 months. She knew what we wanted before we did, yet, somehow, when it was all said and done there were no surprises. I felt like I had my hands in every aspect of the wedding even though it was Adrienne who pulled it off so effortlessly. The best compliment of our wedding, which we have gotten over and over again, was how “us” the wedding was. That was all Adrienne.”

- Emily bride

Diane + Jason - Maggie Conley Photography

photo: Maggie Conley Photography

“Adrienne went above and beyond the call of duty…managed to pick up a tire when my husband and I got a flat!! She is not only a great wedding planner but also a terrific person. She made us feel so comfortable…we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day because she took care of all the details!!”

- Diane bride

Leah + Jeff - Julie Morawski for Carla Ten Eyck Photography

photo: Julie Morawski for Carla Ten Eyck

“Adrienne was a miracle! It was such a breeze planning my wedding having her help and knowing she’d be there for any bumps along the road. My husband and I could rest assured knowing that she understood exactly what we wanted our wedding to be. Adrienne was also amazing at responding quickly to my bridezilla requests, many of which came last minute and after I’d already changed my mind a thousand times before. Her patience and kindness really helped me stay sane, and all of her hard work resulted in a perfect day for us. Adrienne has everything a bride can ask for in a wedding planner!”

- Leah bride

Emily + Alex - North Island Photography

photo: North Island Photography

“My mother and sister found Adrienne at a bridal fair. From her table set up they could tell she had Avant guard flair. Aside from the generic tall hydrangea and lily table settings, Adrienne’s was custom and had a crafty but polished flair. That is exactly what she delivered me at my party! It was PERFECT. I showed her the venue and a few pictures of my waterside restaurant and she ran with it. She helped develop all the ideas for the little extras…custom straws, shells, cucumber and lemon water pitchers outside, fishnets, everything nautical. Her ideas were all beautiful. (I had one florist who I did no use that told me I should have goldfish bowls with glitter and they could be favors at the end… not the kind of nautical I wanted for my Coast Guard wedding). She was fantastic on finding price compares and pointing us to the best vendors for side things. Also when we chose our main vendors for the music and flowers, she was a GREAT negotiator. We could not have done it with out her.”

- Emily bride

“Adrienne is the BEST. She is calm, thoughtful, attentive and really amazing at navigating through the different people/opinions/and demands from all angles that any wedding involves. In particular, she could not be better at responding to and being supportive of both mother and daughter, even if they aren’t communicating well themselves. 
I truly don’t think my wedding and the planning of it would have been nearly as doable without Adrienne there. She helped with EVERYTHING, which was incredibly stress relieving and enabled me to actually enjoy my ‘big weekend’ when the time came. Her help, support and focus were indispensable. Heroic really. In fact, that’s how my mother described her more than once. 
Initially, having never planned a wedding before, we weren’t sure if it was a good idea to get a wedding planner involved or not. Without her, however, it would have been a case of the blind leading the blind. Planning a wedding is HARD, stressful, exhausting and very time consuming (and awesome and fun and an amazing experience) – without Adrienne I can’t even imagine how it all would have turned out. She is worth every single penny and more. Like probably twice at much, at least. Above all – the most important thing you can do for your own wedding is get Adrienne involved. She’ll make sure everything else is taken care of. I don’t know what we would have done without her. 
Also – it should be mentioned that I am actually a very organized, thoughtful and efficient person. So if I (a very type-A person) couldn’t have done it without her, I can only imagine how crazy to would be for someone who isn’t as type-A to plan a wedding without her.”

- Rachel bride

Amy + Tim - Anna Sawin Photography

photo: Anna Sawin Photography

“Adrienne was completely creative, attentive and thorough throughout the entire planning process. She had great ideas and was totally resourceful. She helped us manage an inordinate number of details since we got married on an island where we had to bring in every last thing (down to the guy who built a set of wooden stairs leading to the bed of an antique truck and another guy who came to spray for bugs!) She was meticulous but at the same time completely relaxed and such a nice, warm person to work with during some (occasionally!) stressful times.”

“We got married on September 17th on Elihu Island…it was the most magical day of our lives and one of the biggest reasons was Adrienne and Ruffles & Tweed. My wife and I have a large family from around the globe and we relished the time we were able to spend with them due to not having to deal with the multitude of details. The day was so personal with top-notch professional design.”

- Amy + Tim bride and groom

“Adrienne did an excellent job with our wedding! She was a great listener and really struck a perfect balance between understanding our tastes and also offering her own novel ideas. And when the day was upon us, Adrienne was there to make sure all the bases were covered so that we could just relax and enjoy ourselves!”

- Rob groom



“I am a Catering Coordinator for Gourmet Galley Catering in North Stonington. I have had the pleasure of working with Adrienne on more than one occasion. Every event has been Stunning, Well Organized, and Unique. As a catering coordinator I intimately understand what is involved in the work that Adrienne does. She orchestrates all details with calm efficiency, allowing every detail to unfold smoothly and with confidence. 
Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Having a planner like Adrienne to guide you through the process, helping you create the flow and design that you want and handling all of the communication between you and your vendors, can change everything. Truly allowing the Bride and Groom to focus on their family and the beautiful commitment they are making to each other. 
I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

- Jessie caterer

“As the owner of A Thyme to Cook Catering and Events, I have had the pleasure of working with Adrienne on several fabulous events on the CT shore. She is great – very imaginative, detail-focused, incredibly organized and has such an ease about her in making sure events are seamless in every way. She definitely brings added value to all of her events.”

- Linda caterer

“I had the pleasure of filming a wedding that Adrienne planned and designed. Working alongside her and her team was such a joy. They were welcoming, very accessible and so willing to answer any questions I had about the event during the event. Every element of the day moved along so smoothly which allowed my team and myself to do our work in an easygoing and professional manner.”

- Valerie filmmaker

“I’m a bandleader who worked together with Adrienne of Ruffles & Tweed for this event. Adrienne was extremely friendly and courteous while conscientiously ensuring that every detail was executed flawlessly by everyone involved. Everything good, all fun, no stress, a great person to work with!”

- Chuck bandleader

“One of the best event planners that I’ve worked with. Friendly, organized, very creative, flexible and made the day for our bride stress free. A true pleasure to work with.”

- Joyce florist

“I had the pleasure of working with Adrienne as the official photographer for her wedding clients this season. She was a joy to work with. Professional, courteous, calm, fun, and able to pull of a gorgeous event without a hitch. I would highly recommend her services to any bride and groom.”

- Jason photographer

“I so enjoyed working with Adrienne on the coast of CT on a gorgeous wedding on a private island (Ruffles & Tweed is the exclusive coordinator for this one-of-a-kind wedding location). A wedding filled with glorious style and detail, spread over a huge forty-acre island? No problem, Adrienne and her staff had it well in hand, cool as cucumbers. As a photographer, the coordinator who will work with you to make sure you are ready to do the best possible job for your mutual client is like gold–and that’s Adrienne!”

- Anna photographer